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Q- How often should we attend class?

A - There is no set amount of lessons required. It all depends on your availability.  One lesson a week is sufficient to get you ready and comfortable to wow your family.  The average number of lessons to get you comfortable to dance and enjoy yourself is 4 lessons; however, if you have more time to dedicate, we can customize and get creative with your wedding dance.


Q - When should we get started?

A - Several weeks before your wedding day is preferred.  Dancing will feel more natural and more enjoyable the more you practice.  CRASH COURSES are available.  Yes, we had couples take lessons 1 day before their big day and do great! But that's not always the best option.


Q - What if I have a special song I want to have played?

A - You can use any song you'd like.


Q - What if I don't have a song?

A - No problem! We will help you pick music if you haven't done so, create an intro, dance, and big finale. All in 1 lesson if need be.


Q - What if we don't have time to practice?

A - We do not expect 10 hour days of practice and for your convenience, we will have in-class video evaluations, the entire choreography, and get pointers! We are professionals and are experts in this field with over 14 years of individual training, teaching, competing, and performing. Your satisfaction is our goal!